Careers in Salesforce

Salesforce is a booming technology and is always in need of skilled personnel that can execute a task successfully. While many individuals in IT industry are looking for an opportunity to work on Salesforce technology, statistics reveal 60% of the employees working are in need of training. Hence the need for trained/skilled personnel in salesforce … Continue reading Careers in Salesforce


Building Salesforce Apps through Lightning

Salesforce users have mainly complained that the user interface is clunky. The web transitioned to responsive design, and the Salesforce UI didn't initially evolve at the same pace. This prompted Salesforce to rethink the way its platform is designed and how applications are built. inside. All of this led to the launch of a new … Continue reading Building Salesforce Apps through Lightning

Is Salesforce a lucrative career path?

Introduction:Salesforce professionals are in high demand as companies look for highly qualified professionals in the field. Statistics show that about 60% of Salesforce’s use poses one challenge or another, often making it lower and increasing the need for a trained team. Salesforce deals with the changes that employees face in terms of procedures to be … Continue reading Is Salesforce a lucrative career path?

Features that make Salesforce Service Cloud the number one Customer Service Solution

Salesforce Service Cloud: Salesforce Service Cloud is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform for customer service and support. It could be one part of Salesforce’s CRM package that could be the ideal CRM software solution for your business. What does Salesforce Service Cloud do? • Enables your customer service team to resolve cases quickly, process … Continue reading Features that make Salesforce Service Cloud the number one Customer Service Solution