7 Reasons to Use Salesforce

Looking for a way to improve customer satisfaction? Or are you looking for a platform to help you manage your leads and customer data? Put simply you are looking for a platform that can help you with your CRM necessities. While you search for the required platform you will come across a multitude of platforms … Continue reading 7 Reasons to Use Salesforce


Job Search Tips for Developers

Searching for a job may come harder to you than everyone else, but there is no need to be caught-up in deep thought over it as we will help you get your Monday Blues back with some insights and tips to ensure you are fully prepared to tackle your next role. As you prepare for … Continue reading Job Search Tips for Developers

Building Salesforce Apps through Lightning

Salesforce users have mainly complained that the user interface is clunky. The web transitioned to responsive design, and the Salesforce UI didn't initially evolve at the same pace. This prompted Salesforce to rethink the way its platform is designed and how applications are built. inside. All of this led to the launch of a new … Continue reading Building Salesforce Apps through Lightning